Our Values

Minimize charts, maximize experience

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes

Oscar Wilde

Every company has its own culture and expresses its own values through the resources it uses, the products it creates and its day-to-day activities. Each individual market is characterized by specific complexities and ways of working that determine its economic and competitive dynamics. Each company/market relationship is unique.
What does this mean? It means that there are no standard, immediately replicable solutions. The only effective, consistent way to resolve problems is through experience and common sense. We have chosen to work exclusively in those spheres where we are familiar with all the issues companies are facing and the market sector as a whole.

We know how to get our hands dirty

An idea that can’t find its place is capable of creating a revolution

Leo Longanesi

We acquire a strategy from the company, and put our concrete experience at the company’s disposal until the targets are met. We bring knowledge, method and assistance to each sphere in which we operate.
Take the money and run? We like to describe our company as a studio that specializes in operational consulting. Don’t call us if all you’re looking for are pretty slides, flashy charts and complex blueprints. We design solutions, and we provide concrete support to help your company implement them.

Focus on specific areas

Allocate a share of your marketing budget to small exciting companies

Tom Peters

Special problems require special solutions. Difficult and complex situations need to be dealt with the right way.
Still not clear? If you have a small budget… If you’re tired of being offered the same old standard solutions… If you truly want to learn something new… Take the time to sit down for an aperitivo with us: we know how to listen without interrupting, and we’ll tell you if and how we can help.

Keeping your eyes on the forest

Imagination is more important then knowledge

Albert Einstein

The network of relationships that exists between a company, its competitors, suppliers, distribution channels and final clients is a complex system in constant evolution. In order to effect changes in the system of relationships and flows that each company establishes with the external environment, it is necessary to evaluate the system as a whole and to know how to interpret the dynamics in play.
How does GR Advisory react to a challenge? In order to orient ourselves within these company complexities, we examine the forest as a whole and avoid getting stuck on single trees… That’s precisely where our experience comes in handy.

In search of balance

Right and wrong can never be divided so cleanly

Alessandro Manzoni

Translating market strategies into sustainable results means establishing equilibrium between a complex group of objectives (expectations for company development, sales growth, financial targets, etc.).
What’s our approach? We improve the results of company systems as a whole, harmonizing the performances of diverse processes and company functions..