Am I doing the right thing?

This is what any CEO of small-medium sized companies & Start-Up every day wonders when he faces important decisions. Our answer is to be a partner at your side to support you in these decisions with skills, tools, mindset and best practices already applied with success

Is the financial plan sustainable?

To develop a business idea it is not enough to have a good product. You have to understand its potential, to apply an efficient business model and understand if it is feasible, scalable, and affordable.

In GR advisory we work alongside entrepreneurs and managers in the preparation of the Business Plan, we support them in the definition of business objectives and we verify the choice of KPIs for measuring performance.

Have I examined all the scenarios?

Multiple variables play their role in achieving success.

We help companies to do’scenario planning’ – for example – to focus on specific targets and markets or to correctly assess the market potential and the strength of competition.

Is my sales and commercial force adequate?

The failure to achieve sales target is often related to Execution. To help the management overcome the gap between planning and execution we verify sizing, skills and approach of the sales force and we support you with sales coaching and mentoring.

Is it the right direction to grow?

Do you think that your company is able to accelerate growth, that your portfolio can be extended or that new markets should be explored?

We help you to figure out which direction to focus resources and investment and in which way and timing is more appropriate and economically viable doing it. Once you have chosen the way, we will help you to execute the plan in order to achieve your objectives, optimizing time and resources.